Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

During the course of 30+ years, Austin Carr has assisted hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in compensation. Of course, each claim is unique and a recovery is dependent on the facts and circumstances surrounding each particular claim. However, some of our success stories listed below will provide you with an understanding of some of the types of cases we handle and some of the successes and rewards we have experienced by helping clients throughout Florida.

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Personal Injury

$3,500,000: After eight days of trial, settlement of medical malpractice claims for paralysis from over-exposure to radiation given for treatment of mouth cancer.

$1,000,000: Settlement of claim for sexual abuse of two teenage girls at a rehab facility, cash payment of $200,000 plus receipt of assignment of remaining claims against insurance carrier which bad faith claim later settled for undisclosed amount.

$1,500,000: Settlement of wrongful death claim against Miami-Dade Police for high-speed police chase resulting in death of bystander. Claims Bill authorizing full payment of settlement signed by Governor Jeb Bush, May, 1999

$858,000: Verdict against the City of Hialeah for police brutality with soft tissue injury and claim for violation of civil rights brought under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.

$208,000: Settlement of soft tissue neck injury from slip and fall at Coral Ridge Mall.

$1,000,000: Verdict against Cargill, Inc. for wrongful death in 1-95 trucking accident (as co-counsel).

Insurance Disputes

Injunction: In favor of Cystic Fibrosis children obtained within one week of filing suit against Aetna compelling the HMO to pay for daily and life-time chest physiotherapy.

$1,300,000: Initially obtained Summary Judgment for policy limits of $200,000 on student health insurance claim for heart/double lung transplant and later negotiated subsequent settlement of associated bad faith insurance claims for an additional $1,100,000.

$311,000: Settlement of widow’s claim for life insurance benefits for postal carrier’s death Claim settled within three months of filing suit for full value of policy, plus five years of accrued interest.
Business Litigation

$1,900,000: Settlement of minority shareholder’s claim for damages against majority shareholder for breach of agreement to sell company

$500,000: Settlement of shareholder buyout dispute in closely held corporation.

$192,000: Verdict against Costco and Shasta Beverages for sale of ten container loads of soda that was defective and leaked during shipment to the Amazon in Brazil.

Construction and Real Estate Disputes

Summary Judgment for Specific Performance: Compelling enforcement of breached contract for sale of South Beach $505,000 luxury ocean-front condominium unit.

$1,500,000: Settlement of RICO (racketeering) claim against The Equitable Insurance Company for making repeated false representations during sales of condominium units.

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