Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies are NOT looking out for your interests. They are protecting the interests of their stockholders. Typically, they are trying to limit their payout and increase their profits. If you have been in an accident, you should seek counsel from an experienced lawyer who will be looking out for your interest, not company profits.

Insurance companies have claim adjusters and high-powered lawyers protecting their interests; shouldn’t you?

Personal injury attorney Austin Carr has over 25 years of experience, including a background of representing big businesses and insurance companies. He understands many of their tactics, as well as how to properly value a claim to determine if a settlement offer or a trial is in your best interest. In addition he is a Civil Trial Law Specialist, certified by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization. Please visit his Why Hire Austin Carr? page for additional information about his qualifications and high level of service. Also visit the Success Stories page for examples of some of the types of claims Austin Carr has handled and some of the success he has enjoyed.

Austin Carr aggressively pursues all personal injury and wrongful death claims, including catastrophic injuries caused by the following:

Auto Accidents: He has experience handling a wide range of car accident claims, including head-on collisions and rear-enders causing serious injury or death.

Truck Accidents: Truckers have a different set of rules and regulations they must follow. As an experienced truck accident lawyer, Austin Carr understands the nuances in the laws to ensure your legal interests are served.

Medical Malpractice: You put your trust in a doctor, or other medical professional, only to find that he or she negligently performed their job and as a result you were seriously injured or someone you love was killed. Austin Carr has the background and skills to assist you in obtaining fair and just compensation for medical malpractice, including birth injuries, failure to diagnose, and surgical error claims.

Premises Liability: Property owners have an obligation to maintain their property in a safe condition and protect guests from injury or hazards. Attorney Austin Carr can assist you in your quest to maximize your compensation for injuries resulting from a slip and fall, trip and fall, inadequate security, or dog bites.

Tobacco Litigation: If, prior to November 21, 1996, you, or a family member, began suffering an illness because of cigarette smoking or other tobacco related causes, or if you lost a family member to tobacco, you may be entitled to compensation. To take advantage of these available funds, a claim must be filed as soon as possible, but no later than January 11, 2008. Contact us today to determine if you might qualify for compensation.

Police Brutality: Sometimes over-zealous police use excessive force in making an arrest or brutalize suspects unnecessarily. Austin Carr represents individuals seriously injured by police brutality.

Austin Carr says, “No opponent is too large; they all walk into the courthouse through the same door. The court room is the great equalizer where the common man gets a fair shake against big business and large government.”

What is a Serious Injury

Austin Carr considers a serious injury as any long-term or permanent injury that affects your quality of life or your ability to perform your work. Serious and catastrophic injuries include brain damage, closed head injury, and paralysis, as well as broken bones, amputations, and eye injuries. Other serious injuries include broken hips, severe burns, and extensive scarring.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident or due to someone else’s negligence, please schedule a free consultation by contacting personal injury attorney Austin Carr today.