Why Hire Austin Carr?

Why should I retain an attorney? How can your law firm help me?

These are the questions 90% of our clients ask, and the questions you may be asking yourself right now. The simple answer is that you should retain the services of an experienced lawyer to ensure you are zealously represented and your legal interests are protected.

At Austin Carr Law Office, Austin Carr will aggressively pursue your claim and protect your interests. He will also provide you with personal service and provide your matter with the attention it deserves.

Austin Carr proudly handles a wide array of litigation and dispute matters, including personal injury, business disputes, insurance disputes, and construction and real estate disputes in a professional manner. Some of his services and qualifications are outlined below:

Experience and Knowledge Are the Cornerstone of Our Practice

Trial attorney Austin Carr began his practice of law in 1984 at one of Miami’s oldest and most prestigious law firms. After several years of representing big business and insurance companies, Austin Carr decided to commit his talents to assisting individuals seeking to obtain justice and fair compensation for their injuries.

His experienced gained from working with a large firm and from over 30 years of practicing law enables him to anticipate your adversarys moves and quickly respond. In addition, he understands how to properly value your case and properly advise you regarding settlement offers or the election to go to trial. Austin Carr invites you to visit his Success Stories page for an idea of some of the types of cases he handles and some of the successes he has enjoyed.

You Will Appreciate His Commitment to Your Cause

Austin Carr’s experience, knowledge, and reputation are why people first come to his law office. It is his commitment and personal service that keeps them as clients. Many of his current and former clients refer friends and family to Austin Carr’s office because they trust him to provide quality legal representation. Whether this is your first contact with the legal process, or you are a litigation veteran, Attorney Carr will take the time to listen to your issues and concerns and answer your questions.

His commitment is self-evident when he aggressively pursues your claim or protects your rights. He has a reputation for winning tough cases, which he earned through perseverance and hard work. In the legal practice there is no substitution for hard work or for experience, and with Austin Carr you get both.

Personal Service and Personal Attention Are Keys to Our Success

Austin Carr understands your fears and apprehension and responds by providing you with proactive updates when the status of your case changes or he receives a settlement offer. You will feel confident in his legal services and ability, which will allow you to leave your legal problems in Austin Carr’s hands and free yourself to focus on more important things, such as yourself and your family.

For a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION, please contact a trial attorney who will aggressively seek justice on your behalf. Austin Carr is committed to your cause, call today.