Miami-Dade County Car Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents and trucking accidents create anxiety. Mounting bills and a decreased income can be overwhelming. Physical injury, financial injury, mental anguish, and emotional distress are compounded when you also have a family to worry about.

At Austin Carr Law Office, Austin Carr genuinely cares about you and your family. He takes the time to discuss your car accident, understand your concerns, and explain the legal process and your options to you. He provides you with well-grounded advice at a time when you may be justifiably angry or confused.

Our Services Geared Toward Car Accident Victims

Austin Carr will handle your accident claim, negotiate with your medical providers, and make arrangements for payment of your medical bills. He wants to remove as much of the burden caused by the car accident as possible from you so you can focus on more important things, like your family and your recovery.

Austin Carr’s goal is to assist you in maximizing your recovery. He wants to help you obtain the necessary compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, any special needs, pain and suffering, and future expenses you will incur because of the accident.

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Insurance Companies Are Not Looking Out for You

Insurance companies have attorneys hired to protect their profits. Claims adjusters are paid to limit an insurance company’s monetary payouts for claims. They will tell you they are looking out for you, but they are paid employees of the insurance company, and their loyalties and job are predicated on looking out for the insurance company’s financial interest.

Contact an experienced car accident attorney today for a free consultation to discuss your claim and put an aggressive Board Certified Trial Law Specialist on your side. Austin Carr is dedicated to your cause and will protect your interests. In car and truck accident claims, experience matters.