5 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Companies

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Located in Miami and representing clients throughout South Florida, insurance litigation attorney Austin Carr would like to provide you with the following information about dealing with insurance companies:

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Insurance Companies

1. Insurance companies are not your friends. They are not looking out for your interest. Even though you pay premiums, their loyalties lie with their stockholders, not you. Insurance companies make money when they can avoid paying claims or limit the amount of money they pay out for a claim.

2. If you have an accident or a disaster strikes, we recommend taking photographs of all your injuries and all damage to the vehicles or other property. A picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no substitute for this source of information. In addition, wounds heal and property damage may be repaired. If your claim is forced into litigation, a trier of fact needs to see the true extent of the damage and injuries in order to properly assess your damages.

3. See a physician as soon as possible and be thorough and honest in providing the physician with information. Fully answer all of his or her questions. The doctor will write down your "story" and that version will be viewed as the most accurate if litigation is required to resolve your insurance claim or accident claim.

4. Words are important and can be misconstrued or manipulated, therefore, we recommend you do not give any recorded or sworn statements to any insurance company without first speaking with an attorney.

5. Retain an experienced lawyer to represent your interests. Insurance companies and big businesses have high-powered lawyers representing their legal interests; attorneys who are well versed in the law and the legal process. You may be at a huge disadvantage if you do not engage an experienced attorney to represent your legal interests and protect your rights.

South Florida attorney Austin Carr has over 25 years experience with insurance litigation, including years spent defending insurance companies and big business. He is board certified by the Florida Bar as a Civil Trial Law Specialist. He has earned a reputation for excellence through aggressively representing his clients and protecting their legal interests. For additional information about our qualification or to discuss your claim, contact Austin Carr today for a free consultation. Put his experience in your legal corner.

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